The First Night

Mom’s dog Dolly started her physical journey into our and her-new lifes Tuesday afternoon.  After an hour in the truck, she waited until the first rest-stop to throw up what was left of her heartguard-newton, and have diarrhea, awesome.  She wouldn’t eat, but drank a little water. The rest of the ride she wouldn’t eat […]

A Busy Day

Today was a busy and exciting day for the dog called Dolly. We started out with a morning walk, which I dreaded until I stepped out into the brisk New Hampshire morning, with all the dew and morning sun and crap like that. It was actually a nice clear morning (because nice matters(tm)) that turned […]

And This Time I Mean It

I was determined Dolly would not sleep on our couch, as she did at Moms. I would crate train her, and have her comfortable in the crate and not allowed on the couch. Yea, that lasted a day. Last night I left the office with Dolly in her crate, and when I came back she […]

The Routine

Dolly is a smart dog and she’s quickly falling into our new routine, although it’s still pretty fluid. We get up at 6:30(ish), and she’s been excited for our morning walk. This morning she actually woke me up, I hope it was for the walk and not just because she was awake and wanted me […]

This Time I Did Mean It

So Dolly got a pass and slept on the couch Wednesday. It was the first time I had seen her really relax in her new home, she was happy and wasn’t attached to my heels for once. Well last night I see something extra furry on our bed, and sure enough it’s big ol’ Dolly […]

This Time I Did Mean It – Update

Dolly got a new bed and it’s pretty sweet- egg-crate foam and memory foam, pillows on either side (she’s a pillow dog), and big enough for her. She slept in that last night, and today when we both napped. So I think we have the humans-bed-off-limits thing down, but she’s still jumping on the couch […]

Bark Local

Today we went exploring our town. Because I now have a dog there are two new natural dog food places within 3 miles. One had a grand opening or open house today with tables and tents and samples and staff, it looked great so we drove right past it. Still paying for that new bed. […]

Your dog… (not really about Dolly)

The other morning I was woken by a sentence starting with ‘Your dog’. I didn’t have to hear anymore, in an instant my still-half-asleep brain knew that having her moniker switched from ‘Dolly’ to ‘Your dog’ meant trouble. Like when you’re a kid and you do something wrong and you get the ‘wait ’til your […]

Camping Dolly and The Wave

OK I know it’s been a while, days seem to slip away unconsciously with the added relaxation brought on by another 5 year-old, one that doesn’t speak English to add to the one that doesn’t hear English if it doesn’t contain the words ‘candy’ or ‘play’. Dolly went camping for her first time with us, […]


Today Dolly had her first real snow with us, and surprisingly or not she seemed shy of it. Surprisingly because she loves to play and Not because she can be a shy dog. She would jump around the porch in big circles, then jump into the snow like it was a cold lake and she […]