A Busy Day

Today was a busy and exciting day for the dog called Dolly. We started out with a morning walk, which I dreaded until I stepped out into the brisk New Hampshire morning, with all the dew and morning sun and crap like that.
It was actually a nice clear morning (because nice matters(tm)) that turned having to walk Dolly into getting to walk Dolly. It was short, and poop-in-a-bag free.

After the morning assembly-line of getting ready, we got into my truck and Dolly had the look of “I hope this isn’t another 6 hour trip, because I can’t tell time but the last one sucked”, and luckily we had a quick 12 minute trip into Dover, and Dolly was excited to egress the vehicle so suddenly.

Everyone at work loved Dolly, it was great to see such affection and kindness, I guess because Dolly is so sweet. She walked around our roughly 1000 square foot office, sniffing and looking at the nine people at their desks, but often shying away from approaching them for affection, especially if they motioned toward her. She was fine with people coming over to her and paying attention, but shes still a leery dog.

I couldn’t go out of eyesight without her getting up, and often barking lightly or whining. Luckily Dolly’s new friends were happy to jump in and comfort her so I could at least go potty. Nick will be 17 and I’ll still be calling it potty, probably just to embarrass him in front of his friends, I imagine.

The separation anxiety may require someone with more dog-whispering skills than I possess, it’s not subtle. For now, I bought her her own new home (crate), and filled it with memory-smelling things, and will slowly begin periods of separation. She went into the crate voluntarily, and seems to like it and know it’s her home. Seriously, are all dogs this easy?
She also got a new tag tonight, so if she gets lost people won’t be calling New Jersey with information on her location in Market Square.

The cats won’t go near her, although Tabitha is kind of daring her with slithery cat stares as she darts to different parts of the house. Tabitha went upstairs to my bedroom, let’s see where that goes tonight. I think Dolly was in and out of ours and Nicks rooms last night, but I was so tired I’m not really sure if the flying monkeys did deliver the ice cream, or if Dolly spent more time in Nicks room than ours. The flying monkeys may have been a dream, because the ice cream never melted.

I think she liked being busy today, and I think she will like the routine. As for me, someone owes me a few hours of sleep per day.