And This Time I Mean It

I was determined Dolly would not sleep on our couch, as she did at Moms. I would crate train her, and have her comfortable in the crate and not allowed on the couch. Yea, that lasted a day.

Last night I left the office with Dolly in her crate, and when I came back she was on the couch. I called her sternly, but she didn’t move a muscle. In the 30 seconds I was away she left the crate, jumped on the couch, got comfortable, and fell half asleep. I tried to move her but she was dead weight, and not going anywhere. She looked so comfortable and was so relaxed, looked like she had been there for hours, I couldn’t help but to let her be. When I went upstairs to go to sleep, for once she didn’t follow me, she stayed downstairs on the couch.

I’m certain I’ll start the no-couch training tomorrow. And this time I mean it.