Bark Local

Today we went exploring our town. Because I now have a dog there are two new natural dog food places within 3 miles. One had a grand opening or open house today with tables and tents and samples and staff, it looked great so we drove right past it. Still paying for that new bed.

We started off at a dog park, this one is on Pierce Island, which is nice because it’s all off-leash, and the dogs can’t really run away, it’s an island. It was misty, so there weren’t a lot of people there, but we met a few dogs and owners, sniffed some smelly stuff, and got some exercise- which both the almost-5-year-olds could use.

NIck and Dolly



Dolly is always pretty excited to be outside, and most dogs are, but she is set in some of her ways. I have to keep reminding myself that she’s an adult dog, I have this idea that I need to train her (she does need some training), but I also have to let her be herself and give her some Dolly-space. Keep her on a medium-leash as it were.



Portsmouth is a pretty dog-friendly town, and we walked around as a bunch of people stopped and said hello to us, mostly people with kids. Dolly is really gentle, but she is still a dog. Friends of ours had their 3-year-old son bitten on the face by a dog that was gentle, a bad bite. So far nothing like that with Dolly, but I don’t want a first time.

Dolly so far seems to have no issues with crowds, open or closed places, cars, noises or other animals. She was great at the dog park and fine around town.



I’m glad shes calm, that’s a big part of the battle, and that’s one of the nice things about having an adult dog. Now if I could just get her to realize I’m not leaving forever when she can’t see me for five seconds.