The Routine

Dolly is a smart dog and she’s quickly falling into our new routine, although it’s still pretty fluid.

We get up at 6:30(ish), and she’s been excited for our morning walk. This morning she actually woke me up, I hope it was for the walk and not just because she was awake and wanted me to be. I keep wondering if having a dog has destroyed any chance I did have of sleeping in on the weekend, I think I need to get the 5 year-olds playing with each other.

The past three days we have been going to work together, and she’s starting to feel comfortable. We walk around the block and she sniffs, pokes around, pees and smells others pee (I assume). She’s starting to know the area, which I’ve limited, and goes to sniff the same spots each time. Today we saw two mounted police and got within 15 feet of them, and Dolly just kind of looked at them, sniffed the unmistakable scent of horses, and continued.

Dover River

In the office she’s starting to make the rounds, smell who’s where and who’s not in today. She randomly get up and walks around, and naps near me or co-worker Alena, who sits in front of me. Her separation anxiety is still strong, but her friends in the office are helping a lot by comforting her while I’m away. Even when I walk across the office to the water cooler she get’s up excitedly, and if she loses site of me she starts to bark quietly. Still a long way to go, and so far our biggest challenge.

Dover Street

A little nap

A little nap

At night we don’t have much of a routine yet, I kind of let her roam around the house while I do the evening chores, and we walk again at least one more time. Last night Nick and Dolly were playing, inside with her well-worn Frisbee, and it’s amazing nothing got broken and nobody got hurt. It was good to see both Dolly and Nick excited and having fun. Tonight is no swim class, running group, month-end, gymnastics, parties, etc., so we may actually have some daylight to run around the yard or walk the neighborhood.

This weekend Dolly will be by herself for short periods- no dogs allowed at the chili-fest- but she may be allowed in the park for my race and Nicks fun-run on Sunday. Sunday she get’s to see our camper, which we are moving to a new campground, and go camping with us on Sunday-Monday. She may be shy around new people, but overall she’s an adventurous dog, and I think she’s going to like camping. I don’t think she’s ready for a hike yet, but we are exercising every day and I expect her stamina will improve. She and Nick could both use some hiking, I think they are at about the same level now. Tonight I asked Nick to come for walk with me and Dolly, and when he found out I wouldn’t push him in the stroller, bailed. An offer to ride his bike had no effect.

I’m taking bets on how long before Nick ties Dolly to his bicycle and tries to get her to mush.
Yea, he’s my offspring.